Born in L'viv, 1962. Finished piano classes in music school and the architectural faculty of L'vivs' polytechnic university. Architect, artist, poet, musician. Is the author of original architectural projects, a participant of multiple art exhibitions, and a couple Biennales. His presented piece “The Rebellion of Angels”, 1994 (canvas, oil paints, 160 x 210 cm) is a reflection of the original art style of the author, formed at the start of the 1990s, in which lies the author's method of organizing the colour spectrum. It’s symbolic, that in the same period (1995), the album “Come Angel” was also recorded, which crystalized the authors' musical searches from the late 1980s and they remain to be topical to this day. The album was recorded for a promo-tour, which happened during the spring in Berlin, Germany. In 1996, the album was published under the Warszawan label “KOKA Records”. During the following years, Tsymbrovsky went on tours in Poland and presented his album in Ukraine during concerts and festivals. During this time, two new compositions were recorded during the concerts: N/T in Gorzów (Poland) and Sous le Pont Mirabeau in L’viv (Ukraine). In 1998 Ihor started a cooperation with the drummer Taras Mel’nychenko, which is still present to this day. In the year 2000, the album “INTERMEZZO 2000” was written. After a break from the music world, which lasted ten years, Tsymbrovsky returned to his music career. Today, his music activity lies in the creation of new compositions as well as in interpreting his own grand musical material that contains the lyrics of Vasyl Symonenkos', Mychail Semenkos', Mykola Vorobyovs', Bohdan Ihor Antonychs' and others' poetries. The last two concerts happened in 2018 and 2019, in the Berlin club “Hoppetosse” and on the opening of an independent Moscow club “Mutabor”. Right now, he's working on the preparation for the recording of a new English album with the working title “Sparrow”, consisting of compositions with the lyrics of Mykola Vorobyovs. The author sings his own compositions (original or translated) based on different poetries of Ukrainian poets, as well as his own works and the works of other specific authors, in Ukrainian, English, French, and Polish. 































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